The Cursed Titans

Release Date: July 20th.


The triennial Chivalry Games have returned! After helping to destroy the Withered King, Alex and the rest of the group find out that saving the world has consequences. While he is secretly battling with depression and with the Alliance on the verge of collapse, a diplomatic summit and the Chivalry Games—to be held in the far off Kuni Empire—may give everyone the opportunity to turn things around. Alex builds a team to represent the Foundation in the Games, facing off against the best fighters in the world.

When an ancient being tries to raise legendary nightmares known as Titans using the peace talks as a trap, Alex has to find a way to save everyone before it is too late. Alex must learn that he is not truly alone to save the world from the chaos of the Titans.

In a world where magic and science intermingle, anything is possible.



Early reviews for the book:

Witty & Sarcastic Book Club:
“It is difficult to find respectful depictions of mental illness in fiction, even more difficult to find it in the fantasy genre. Every time I see an author who uses mental illness as more than a prop in a story, I am incredibly impressed. Author Ricardo Victoria masterfully wove a story of depression, hope, and redemption in with a world filled with villains and magic.”

Portland Book Review: 
“…My favorite part of the book is the positive message about mental health… The breathtaking moments and the positive messages in Ricardo Victoria’s book would stick with me as they made quite a strong impression.”


Where to buy the book:

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