About Me


Self-portrait. The artist and I didn’t agree with our respective visions.

Hi, I’m Ricardo and I’m from Mexico, although I lived in the UK for a while. I have been always wanted to be a writer since I learned to read and created all these little stories when I wasn’t reading anything available at my parent’s house. Curiously enough the first books I bought as a kid with my allowance were translations of The Dunwich Horror followed by Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton and Mort by Terry Pratchett. I’m a big fan of Terry Pratchett, Star Wars, TMNT and fantasy in general, as well as anime and the Final Fantasy video games, which probably has influenced my writing style. I also enjoy a well-crafted cosmic or gothic story and the occasional science fiction story (particularly Asimov’s). Right now I’m working on the edits of my first novel ‘Tempest Blades: The withered king’ in my second language, English, which is a challenge all of its own. Thankfully I have a couple of friends that help me to revise my work in case something slipped through. I had a hand at creating Inklings Press, a collaborative effort amongst new writers to help us between each other and offer a place to publish our stories (six anthologies out and one more coming on their way). I have been also published by the delightful folks at Rivenstone Press.

I studied Industrial Design (with a Ph.D. in Sustainable Design) and as such, I also enjoy designing as well as studying existing objects, mainly toys, board games and roleplaying systems, of which I’m also an avid player. One of my goals is to develop a roleplaying system based in the Tempest Blades setting and I’m working on an educational board game to teach sustainability. And when I have spare time I dabble in toy photography, with a particular side project called ‘The Travelling Ninja Turtle’, where I take a Ninja Turtle toy along my travels and try to take photos of it. For this, I have the support of my lovely wife who is a photographer and editorial designer. And talking about editorial design, I have also worked on the covers used for the Inklings Press anthologies.

As from a few weeks ago, I’m now a Sidewise Award Finalist (but not a winner of) along with my friend Brent A. Harris for our short alternate history story:  “Twilight of the Mezozoic Moon” that appeared in Tales from Alternate Earths (ed. Stephen Hunt), Inklings Press 2016.