The D&D Book Tag: Tempest Blades Edition

The Witty & Sarcastic Bookclub blog began a series of authors comparing fantasy characters to what would be their respective classes in D&D. Now, it’s not secret (because I have made sure of that), that I’m an egomaniac and that I want to develop a game/campaign setting inspired in Tempest Blades. And due to that, there are certain classes that inspired my main cast. After all, Fionn is based on my very first D&D character (and the one that survived his campaign).

Thus, I will do that but with my own main cast of Tempest Blades. Because yes, I’m an egomaniac, and I have a new book to promote… which reminds me, “The Magick of Chaos” The third book in the series is to be released on June 13th, preorder it!

Anyways, let’s begin:

Fionn Estel The Greywolf: as he is based around my first character in D&D he was/is/would be a multiclass Monk/Ranger, with some fighter feats and skills, such as Iajutsu, for quick, devastating, one-shot attacks with Black Fang. Yes, my DM was pretty permissive if it made sense in-story. He is the template for my demonhunters, as his favored enemy would be demons.

Gabriella (Gaby) Galfano: she is multiclass Bard/Rogue. The bard part represents her musical skills and the inspiring special features of the class, as in story she is called a Battlebard when she rocks during a battle, everyone increases their combat prowess and focus. The Rogue part is to exemplify her training at the assassin/spy school Sisters of Mercy and her infiltration skills, plus the Sneak Attack with her twin blades.

Alex Leon: he is through and through an Artificer, who along the way picked up several fighter skills, such as Ranged Weapon Proficiencies -with his bow- and Martial Weapon Proficiencies -longsword with Yaha, bare-fisted attacks as in martial arts-. As to why he is an Artificer? Well, he helped to build the Figaro, built shock absorbing vest and bracers instead of armor, and more importantly, his first collapsable bow that 3D printed the arrows as he nock them and charged them with electric energy.

Samantha (Sam) Ambers Estel: she is a Sorcerer. That’s it. Like most freefolk magi, she doesn’t use a grimoire or rituals to cast magick, she just does it. And at her level, she mostly thinks about them or just use a word or two to make them work. In Theia, humans do have to use rituals and books and so on, so they would be wizards. She also picked a few fighter feats thanks to the training from her dad and her girlfriend (from her boyfriend she is picking up some crafting skills).

Kasumi Shimizu: like Fionn, she is a Monk/Ranger with demons as the favored enemy, and Improved Weapon Proficiency, in this case, her naginata Breaker. She is also picking some feats to allow her to use magick items such as talismans and rituals to purify places and exorcise ghosts.

Sid: he is a multiclass Artificier/Rogue. Why? He built mostly by himself an airship (which means he has some engineering skill ranks). And Rogue? Because before that and before he was expelled from the samoharo society, he was a master assassin trained to kill empowered people before they became a problem. This means he can take on pretty much anyone on this list but Fionn.

Yokoyawa: he is a Paladin. Straight as an arrow, compassionate, a superb fighter with a divine connection to his deity and oath, plus a divine weapon. Also is a lightning bruiser with grappling and bare-fisted/unarmed feats. The only thing he still hasn’t used in game terms is sitting.

Joshua: he is the most difficult to pinpoint as he began as what could be described as a human with the vampire template, for a peculiar version of a vampire in my setting. And he doesn’t remember much of his past life. Nowadays, he is a Fighter, with feats to use a double-bladed spear.

Vivienne (Vivi) Ortiga: the newest addition to the group, she, like Sam and by virtue of being a freefolk is a Sorcerer, who has focused on healing and plant spells. That connection to plants speaks that she is multiclassing into Druid.

Harland: the least combat-focused member of the team, he is a Bard, specifically a Lore School Bard, like the Harpers. he has also a Noble background (hence his financial resources), plus really high Diplomacy and Persuasion skill ranks, despite not being very obvious his high Charisma (due to his height). It’s all in his baritone voice.

So there you have, this is my main cast as D&D characters. But given the way they end multiclassing, I might have to create my own classes for a homebrew campaign. Anyway, I hope you like this.


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