A chronology of the Tempest Blades Universe



Every adventure, every setting needs a chronology, a history, an evolution of events that take the characters to the point the readers start getting acquainted with the world of the story they are reading. The passage of time gives more ‘realism’ to the world around the characters. Creating a timeline is also a useful tool for a writer to put in order their ideas.

Well, here is the timeline of the Tempest Blades Universe. Or at least an approximation. Now, this is a very spoilerific thing to read, but I’m NOT including the biggest spoilers.


BDoD = Before the Death of the Dragons

ADoD = After the Death of the Dragons

The Ages of the World

  • Time before time  No measurable time
    • Kaan’a creates the Universe from a sea of entropic chaos. The universe becomes viable for life
    • The Lords of the Pits blink into existence. They really hate that.
    • The Akeleth are born
    • The Tempest that separates the spiritual from the material realm is created.
  • The Lost Age From millions of years ago to 15,000 BDoD Note: Well, it is lost, so most of the information here is missing (for you, not for me). What did you expect? 
    • The Proto Tempest Blade, the Serpent’s Wisdom is created and granted to the Samoharo. It is made from the metallic core of their homeworld
    • The exodus of surviving Samoharo, Humans and Freefolk begin.
  • Dawn Age (15 to 10 thousand years ago) From 15,000 to 10,000 BDoD
    • The Arrival of the Three Species (human, freefolk, samoharo) to Theia
    • The First Demon arrives, piercing reality in a bid to destroy Theia and open a pathway to Last Heaven, that would undo reality
    • The Trickster Goddess enters the world. The World Scar is created. The Twins are born from the Goddess and create weapons for the mortals
    • The Awakening of the Founding Parents. The Samoharo Shaman, the Human Iskandar and the Freefolk Magi –Asherah- The rumored First Gen Gifted
    • The forging of Yaha, the actual First Tempest Blade, born from a human soul, a piece of the Life Tree and meteoric iron
    • The Battle of the Life Tree and the birth of the Iskandars as tribe
    • The Punishment of the Demon: Split into the Crawling Chaos and the Golden King
    • Black Fang the Montoc Dragon arrives at Theia to help the Freefolk
    • The Diaspora of the Species across Theia
    • Asherah’s Pilgrimage
    • The Titans –proto Gifted people- are created to lead and protect Humans
    • Faes –sentient Akeleth A.I. are freed around the world
    • Samoharos retreat into their own continent and destroy most of their fleet to keep it from being used for war. They keep their technology secret to hide the planet from enemies
    • The atmosphere of Theia develops a highly ionized layer that allows for planetary cloaking
  • The Titanic Age (from 10 thousand to 7 thousand years) From 10,000 to 3,000 BDoD
    • The Titans Rule the land
    • The Golden King corrupts the Titans through the Curse. They create their fiefdoms and subjugate humans and freefolk. Only the Samoharo oppose them
    • The Titans break the Long Moon in their quest to obtain the Life Tree and true immortality
    • The Titans destroy almost all of the Iskandars and really hurt the Samoharo that spent much of their power to stop them
    • The Guardian God enters the world. The Life Tree is taken out of regular space
    • The Trickster Goddess trains a Second Gen Gifted: The Storm God, a surviving Iskandar
    • The Storm God uses Yaha to hunt down and kill ALL Titans
    • The binding of the Titans powers to the gem cores
    • The Kingdoms from the Grasslands fall
    • The Dragons arrive in mass during the Rain of Fire to police Theia
    • The forging of the Lost Tempest Blade Agni’s Fury
    • The Samoharo detect strange signals in deep space. They rehabilitate a few surviving ships to keep guard around the planet and mine the asteroids in the rings around Theia
  • The Age of the Dragons and Demons (from 7 thousand to 3 thousand) From 7,000 to 3,000 BDoD
    • The Crawling Chaos corrupts a healing terraforming ritual.
    • The Gates to the Pits are open. Demons flood the world through the first recorded incursions
    • The Judge God enters the world. The Haunted Peaks are raised in the Grasslands, to seal the spirits of the escaped demons.
    • The Storm God creates the order of the Demon Hunters among the Kuni in the West and then disappears. It’s rumored that he ‘ascended’
    • The creation of Titanfighters in the East
    • The Silver Riders, an alliance of Demonhunters, Titanfigthers, Magi. Samoharo Bloodtrackers and Dragons, is born to fight the Demons
    • The Silver Horn is created to close the Gates. The Crawling Chaos is trapped in a mortal form known as the Dark Father, walks the world not knowing who it is and without most of his power.
    • The Prophecy of the Tovainar is written
    • The roaming beasts that infest the roads are born
    • The minor species –such as the Felp Orcs- are created.
    • The Forging of the Tempest Blade Tidal Icebreaker
    • Almost all dragons die eradicating the demons
    • The Silver Horn is lost after closing the last Gate


  • The Age of Strife (from 2 thousand to 1 thousand years ago) Year 1 ADoD
    • The Modern Calendar is created the day the second to last dragon dies. The whole world is in mourning. (1 ADoD)
    • Black Fang, the Last Dragon is transformed into a human by the Trickster Goddess to teach him humility and keep him safe at the same time
    • The Dark Father reclaims his memories but not his power, joins the Meteora people and creates their technology
    • The Freefolk are at the peak of power. Ravenstone is founded.
    • The creation of the Major Kindgoms of Ionis
    • The Rise of the Empire of Meteora in Auris
    • The Kuni and the Straits keep a constant struggle to keep the Empire away
    • The Burning of Carpadocci and the appearance of the first Tovainar
    • The Intercontinental War of Magic and Technology
    • The Summoning of the Bestial
    • The Destruction of the Empire
    • The Fall of the Freefolk Kingdom of Umo
    • The Burning of Magick to save the world. The ability to use magick is lost to all but a few Freefolk tribes, in diminished power.
    • Black Fang, the last Montoc Dragon returns to his draconic form in order to stop the Bestial from destroying the surviving Freefolk and dies killing the Bestial.
    • The Forging of Black Fang the Last known Tempest Blade
    • The Kuni create their own Empire
    • The Samoharo teach the people of the Straits guerrilla tactics to free themselves from the grip of the Remnants of the Meteora Empire.
  • The Calm Age of Exploration (from 1 thousand to 180 years ago) Year 1000 ADoD to 1820 ADoD
    • The Kuni Empire becomes a major power, Portis becomes a major city
    • The Culling: samoharo kill in secret anyone with power above a Demonhunter in order to avoid the resurgence of the Titans. They also gently sabotage any advanced technology to keep the signals from alerting the universe of their existence
    • Fragmented nations are created all over the world.
    • The Romances of Montsegur and the Starpendants shape the southern Ionis
    • Belger explores the world, founds the city of Belger’s Frost or Belfrost as is know today
    • Technology develops at a steady pace as a result of not having access to magick
    • Trade routes are established, exploration of the world becomes a job
    • Belger disappears after climbing one of the Haunted Peaks
    • The Bent Ear pirates fight against the theocracy ruling the Remnants of the Meteora Empire to return water to the Desert wastelands
    • Yokoyawa is born (1802 ADoD)
    • The Forging of the Unknown Tempest Blades Heartguard and Soulkeeper
    • Akeleth Ruins are found, their lost technology is started to be studied and incorporated into human technology)
    • The Onyx Orb is found. The creation of the Blood Horde and their ravaging of the Grasslands
    • Sid is born (1810 ADoD)
  • The Heroic Age (from 180 years ago to current time) Year 1820 ADoD to Present
    • The magick field regenerates. Powerful Magi are born
    • The Society of Wanderers is created
    • Fraog finds the Silver Horn and takes it to the Humbagoo Forest deep into the Mistlands to stop a reopening of the Gates.
    • Fraog meets Hikaru the Demonhunter
    • Fraog meets and marries the Freefolk Dawnstar, the last of the Wind Tribe
    • Fionn is born (1856 ADoD)
    • The Freefolk are chased away from their ancestral lands by the first wave of the Blood Horde. Fraog dies, Dawnstar settles her family in Skarabear with the help of Hikaru
    • Ywain is found as a baby, later to be adopted by CastleMartell. It’s later found that he is the First Gifted to exist in millennia. Samoharo wait and see instead of killing him
    • Hikaru trains Fionn and Izia. She disappears one day
    • The Blood Horde attacks Ionis. The Great War begins (1872 ADoD)
    • A scouting cell of the Blood Horde attacks Skarabear. Fionn reclaims Black Fang and kills every member of the Blood Horde
    • King CastleMartell of Emerald Island plans the counter-attack of the Blood Horde. The dreadnoughts start their construction
    • Fionn and Izia join CastleMartell army by killing a succubus. They are placed under Byron’s command
    • Byron is corrupted by the Golden King’s treasures, using his soul as an avatar
    • The Great War hits its apogee. The Twelve Swords are created. Joshua destroys the last weapon stored in Carpadocci
    • Fionn and Ywain destroy the Onyx Orb. Fionn becomes Gifted
    • Foundation of the Alliance (1879 ADoD)
    • Fionn marries Izia, travels the continent
    • Ywain finds Byron’s treachery, fights him and is presumed dead.
    • King CastleMartell falls ill, Byron is ready to take the throne
    • The Secret Rebellion begins. Byron kills most of the Twelve Swords, Izia sacrifices herself to save Fionn and separate Byron’s soul from his body.33 años
    • Fionn sleeps for a century (1889 ADoD)
    • The Foundation is created
    • Korbyworld is built in the Coyoli Archipelago. The Dark Father secretly returns (1955 ADoD)
    • Harland is born (1969 ADoD)
    • Gaby is born 1979 ADoD
    • Alex is born 1980 ADoD
    • Sam is born 1984 ADoD
    • Harland’s finds Fionn (1989 ADoD)
    • Fionn finds and adopts Sam after the death of her parents
    • Gaby becomes Gifted and escapes the Sisters of Mercy
    • The A.I Wanderer is developed by Issac, Alex’s friend
    • Alex becomes Gifted, first major demonic incursion takes place in ages (1995 ADoD)
    • Sid is banished, starts building the Figaro
    • The Withered King adventure takes place (2005 ADoD)
    • The Cursed Titans adventure takes place (2007 ADoD)
    • The Magick of Chaos adventures tale place (2009 ADoD)
    • Yes, this gap is left on purpose…
    • No, I won’t tell you what will happens here…
  • The Stellar Age (30 years from present time to the Future) (2030 ADoD)
    • The Fireraven is launched into space in the first mission to reclaim space from the species allied to the Lords of the Pits
    • The Fireraven witnesses the birth of the first dragon in millennia, from a Cosmic Egg
    • Colony Beta is established
    • Colony Beta is attacked while the FireRaven and most of the Allied Fleet was away. The Rebellion defeats the invasion
    • The arcanoarcheologist of Colony Beat find the Guardian Beast, a biocybernetic giant robot created by an extinct race to safe keep the planet where Colony Beta is in
    • Gloria bonds with the Guardian Beast. The Foundation creates a project to replicate it in order to provide the Three Species with a new defense system

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