A quick note on magic users in Tempest Blades

shamanI saw a post on a writer’s FB group asking how members call magic users in their stories. Well here it is how it works in my setting. It’s a really brief explanation:

Magus (plural Magi) is the title I use for learned magic users. Freefolk is the name of the near-human species in my setting that can use magic as a second nature as it is their innate ability. Freefolk can or can’t become magus, depending of whether they actually have the ability to do more than a few simple tricks or have gone to an actual magic college. Given than raw magic energies are dangerous by themselves, learning how to use it is a necessity, even for those with innate talent. Otherwise they just blow up. It makes a mess with the walls… Roughly 2 in 10 freefolk can use magic.

Humans can become magus, but it takes twice as long, need more preparations and they rarely reach the same level of power. It’s not impossible, but requieres quite a cultural and paradigm shift that most humans rarely get. That’s why the created arcanotech. Most humans just call magic users wizards because it is easier for them. Roughly 1 in 10, 000 can use magic.

Shaman/Shujenga are the really rare humans with innate magic abilities on par of a freefolk, although they usually get it after learning how to commute with the spiritual world. Roughly 1 in 100,000 humans can become a shaman. Roughly 1 in 100 freefolk can become shaman.

Priests are the samoharo magic users/religious leaders as for them magic has faith based connotations. Of particular mention are the Pathfinders and Dreamwalkers that can go into the spiritual world or navigate the stars. Their magic is not exactly magic but it is neither science. It’s something… weirder for lack of a better word.

It all comes to the cultural paradigms of each species. Freefolk live in communion with the land for most of the part and draw power from it. Humans tend to be a bit more… materialistic and rational when it comes to these things, they are more systematic, thus Shamans are the ones that have broken that paradigm. Samoharo believe in symbiosis with the Universe itself and that everything is connected with higher dimensions.

So there you have. I might expand onto this later on.


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