The Three Eyes Raven told me…


screen shot 2015-12-03 at 6.29.05 pmAs Season 7 of Game of Thrones just wrapped up and we start the watch for the final season that with any luck will be on our screens before some idiot president decides to end the world, I have a few predictions of my own of what will happen in that season and how might the story end. Be aware of some potential spoilers if you are not updated with the season finale episode. I’m focusing on the show, because who knows how (or when) the books will end. However, there are bits from the books that have to be considered for the sole reason that Martin gave Weiss and Benioff the overall plot of the story just in case.

So without further ado, these are my predictions. This is of course just pure speculation. And I’m not meant to cover all the characters, just a few ones that come to my mind with plausible futures.

-Cersei will die. Well yes, that is obvious, but instead of Jaime killing her (Tyrion at this point is beyond caring, he is just trying to keep Dany alive), it will be her baby. She won’t even reach childbirth. She will lose the baby and the blood loss shock of that will finally end her. It fits the ‘valonqar’ prophecy as well as the subversion of expectations that Martin is famous for. Now, will she die before or after the Great War? That’s the question. I suspect it will be after the war, in some sort of coda like in Lord of the Rings (the books) with the Hobbits returning to the Shire and dealing with Saruman.

-Jaime Lannister will survive, but won’t be the heir to Casterly Rock. When all things are settled and done, Jaime will have earned (I hope) his redemption during the Great War. He will become Lord Commander of a reformed Night’s Watch, depending who sits on the Iron Throne (if there is a throne left, that is). He is far too damaged, his crimes too many to go out easy, but his military experience and fighting prowess will be handy to have around. Brienne, if she survives might take his place a Lady Commander of the Kingsguard.

-The Night’s Watch will be reformed into something else. The Wall won’t be repaired, as the magics that brought it into place are long gone. Thus the Night’s Watch will be reformed as a new kind of army ready for any possible supernatural enemy.

-The wildlings won’t be seen as enemies anymore. There won’t be many survivors either. Tormund, if he survives may be their new leader.

-Neither Jon nor Dany will sit on the Iron Throne. That one of them is on borrowed time (as much as I hate that), is almost certain, maybe both. None of the legends of the Long Night mention what happened to the heroes that stopped it afterward. The end will be bittersweet but if Dany’s vision and the House of the Undying are true, there will be someone ruling Westeros after the Great War and settling the disputes with Cersei. My guess is if someone becomes ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, will be Jon and Dany’s child. Hence the title of the story ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.

-There won’t be an Iron Throne anymore. Not as we know it. The wheel will be broken and maybe a new government system (a parliamentary monarchy is my best guess) will be put in place. Thus the Great Houses will disappear as we knew them and instead become figureheads, at least in the South. Odds are that the North will be separated into its own semi-independent region along the Wildlings or dispensed as ‘A Stark must always be in Winterfell’. People like Gendry will become leaders in their respective regions to work as representatives of the smallfolk, as Dany wished.

-Tyrion will become the Prime Minister and regent of said child and will help to carry further into the future the legacy of both Dany & Jon. He might or might not remarry Sansa, given how the North ends after the War. Sansa will become one of the new leaders of Westeros, along with Ser Davos.

-And in that regard, neither King’s Landing nor the actual Iron Throne will exist anymore. I think Cersei might go Mad Queen on us and set everything to blow the place when she sees the army of the Living coming back home.

-Both surviving dragons will fly towards the sunset and disappear to never be seen again (there is a precedent of this in the books, with the Cannibal and Sheepstealer).

-The same will happen with Arya, who I suspect will become some sort of folk hero, maybe alongside the Hound (in a homage to Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser by Fritz Leiber), traveling along Westeros.

-Bran will be Bran the Builder, due time warging shenanigans. Time is circular and things repeat over and over. I doubt the battle against the Walkers will be completely done so something might return in future centuries. In any case, he is far too detached from humanity to remain at Winterfell. He either goes back in time or back to Beyond the Wall.

So these are my conjectures. Do you have one? Share it below in the comments. If I have more of my own I will edit the post.

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