The Montoc Dragons


 “The Montoc Dragons.”

In ages before, dragons were common, as diverse as the species of toads and frogs or as different as human, freefolk and samoharo. There were the smaller ones from ponds, of course. There were those too that gnaw at the innards of the world, in search of treasures to use as nests. They roamed fields and forests alike, dragons of lesser size, but no less impressive when they unfolded their wings and took to the skies from where their forefathers came.

But the most impressive ones were those born out of a star’s heart, in the vast expanses of the Montoc region beyond our constellations, creatures that descended upon our world to watch over the younger races as older brothers. Or so it says in the Statues of the Montoc Dragons.

Blessed were those in foreign lands that managed to bear witness of those majestic dragons, crossing the oceans and dancing feverish amidst magical chants of the Great Will inspiration, around storms or mountains; as the members of such prodigious race were scarce remnants of wisdom that choose to stay on the fertile land of Theia, waiting for more of them to be born out of the dying stars were the Akeleth tended them, or leaving towards the realms beyond imagination that now they rule. Or so they say, the Statues of the Montoc Dragons.

No, dragons have not gone extinct, they just moved out into a realm of the mind where their mythic figure can surge the skies, leaving us with a few portentous memories. Or so they say, the Montoc Dragons.”

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